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GalaxySTC Safety Policy

Safety is an essential part of GalaxySTC Policy. The provision of safe working conditions is a key element to GalaxySTC operation. This will be achieved by: Setting up a safety organization and defining the safety responsibilities for each level of employee. Providing the necessary ongoing safety instructions and training for both new recruits and employees. Ensuring accurate reporting and investigation of any accidents and for injuries. Encouraging, whenever possible, discussion on safety matters. GalaxySTC ensures that it will develop and maintain a Safety Management System that provides a safe working environment and prevent the occurrence of accidents. While GalaxySTC Management accepts safety matters as its prime responsibility, it is necessary in order to implement this safety policy that all employees and workers shall accept and fulfill their duties under this policy. This Safety Plan is not intended to cover every eventuality, but instead is prepared to provide a description of the safety program elements GalaxySTC plans to accomplish at the jobsite. GalaxySTC commitment for any project is to control the circumstances that can lead to accidents. Therefore, our safety goal shall be “Zero Accident“.

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